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¡Bienvenida a Napa Vale!

Hey Bella,

I am extremely excited and honored to have you here.  Since 2010 I’ve been wanting to create a space where I can help amazing, inspiring and passionate women grow.  Phew!  I know it took me a while.

Pero que te puedo decir...

"Time Flies When You're Drinking Fine Wine" -Napa Vale Girl

You are probably saying, I thought Napa Vale is about wine, wine drinking and wine country living?!?  Well it is.  Trust me I will get you Tipsy LOL.

But it’s what happens when we are wine drinking with our girls that is the best part!!  (Déjà vu to girl’s night).  Well, a lot of ahhhmazing, juicy, inspiring and funny stories are shared.  Tranquis.  We will keep it PG13 (or at least my hubby will tell me to keep it that way hehehe).   I figured why not share those inspiring moments with other girlies?  Why not create a space where we can help each other grow?  Uplift one another.   Además, ¿no estás de acuerdo con que detrás de cada botella de vino hay una historia que contar?

My passion bucket and what keeps me inspired

Napa Vale’s mission is to create a fun place to learn about wine while showcasing compelling stories about love, life and career.  Napa Vale will teach you about wine country living and the remarkable people that make Napa Valley unique.

Así que Bella, grab your vinito because is going to get real.  Napa Vale will bring wine country living wherever you are.  You’ll be dying to plan your dream vacation, drink exquisite wines and live your life to its fullest.  Porque la vida es demasiado corta.  I will share stories and host special guests whose stories are sure to motivate you to live life with your own purpose.

Se Habla en Spanglish

Whoops!  Before I forget.  Napa Vale comes straight from my heart so you will see me bouncing back and forth from Spanish to English. I just love ❤️ my Spanglish. And for those first, second, third generation Latinas…  Ayyy por fin podemos conversar tal cual como hablamos con nuestras girlies.  ¡Que emoción!

I'd love to help your dreams blossom!

Mi Girly Bella, my purpose is to help you grow.  I am thrilled to find out more about you.  What makes you smile? Any struggles you are having? Topic you want to learn about?  Porfis déjame saber  how I can help you.  We all have a purpose in our lives.  I’d love to lead you to achieving your dreams. I deeply believe that if you can dream it, you can make it a reality.

¿Quieres conocerme un poquito más?  I must warn you, my craziness and smile are contagious.  Discover how my passion for Napa Vale came about.

Just in case you are wondering.  I didn’t misspell Napa Valley.  The name Napa Vale is a play on words.  Check out some FAQs that I’ve received.

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