What Is Napa Vale?

Napa Vale, is a digital media company that showcases wine country living and travel experiences, while featuring inspiring stories in English & Spanish.

Distribution of content is via podcast, blogging, social media and webisodes on YouTube.

Napa Vale is a fun place where you will learn about wine and wine country living and the rest will feature the WOW of what makes Napa unique.



Our mission is to create a fun place to learn about wine while showcasing compelling stories of wine country living and what makes Napa Valley unique.

Why Napa Vale?

As Napa Vale girl aka Wendy, I had been developing a program to connect like-minded, inspirational individuals with the purpose of helping others grow.  The best part is that Napa Vale girl does it in an enjoyable way while sipping a vinito and learning about wine country living.  Entonces, si eres amante del vino y te fascina vivir en el momento, then Napa Vale is the place you wanna be.



Our vision is to be the premier resource for bringing chic wine lifestyle to the Hispanic

What To Expect?

Napa Vale is a place for you to have fun, get rid of the pretentiousness of wine tasting, and find inspiration with a glass in hand.  Enjoy wine wherever and with whomever, because life is too short to live the same day twice.  Live and discover wine and wine country life con sabor Latino.  Napa Vale stories can be found in Spanglish lleno de puro humor y gozadera.


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Para mi cada botella de vino es única, tal como tu.  Porque cada botella tiene su historia por contar.

Be Bold. Be You. Be Napa Vale.

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Why The Name Napa Vale?

Nahhh.  It’s not a typo.  I must admit I do make a lot of grammatical errors.  Not this time. Hahaha.  I wanted a catchy, positive and bold name.

Napa because it's where I’m discovering my hidden passions and where I’ve lived since 2014.  Pero no se confundan.  You can get this girly living in Napa, but you just can’t get the Miami heat out of this girl.

Vale because it's a positive affirmation.  Sort of like Yes! Let’s do it! Sure! Wine not!!

I definitely wanted a name that was a play on words, sort of how Mr. Worldwide does it when he cleverly mixes up the lyrics with a double meaning.  Asi es.. I got some of the inspiration from Pitbull to make Napa Vale not just catchy but irresistible.  Because once you get some vinito, you know you’re gonna want to keep on coming... to Napa. ¡Vale! 😉

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Cuz you are gorgeous inside and out.  I want you to know that and really feel it.  My mom calls me Bella (one of many nick names) and every time she says Bella, my heart just gets pumped up.  It’s time to spread that positive vibe to my girlies.  Be Bold. Be You. Be Bella!

What Does Your Tagline Mean?

Descubre is a way to discover your uniqueness.  We all have different talents and aspiration. Visit Get Inspired.

Saborea because everyone’s palate and taste are so exceptional.  Check out Get Tasty & Get Tipsy.

Brinda because life is just way too short.  Cheers to life and to collecting memories! Check out Get TipsyGet Dreamy.

Napa Vale Slogan

How Can We Connect?

If you are craving the opportunity to share your inspirational story to uplift other girls please connect with moi! Click here 

But if you rather get tipsy and sip on some knowledge of what to do, what not to miss on your next wine country vacation, porfis share it with me.  I am all about sharing.  More if it means I can help you get tipsy.

Now if you are looking for words of inspiration.  I am here for you Bella.  I will be interviewing remarkable people that I’ve met through my life in Napa and prior to coming to this gorgeous valley; people who have an incredible, inspiring story to share to help you grow.  ¡Vale!

You can always catch up with me and what I am up to… which winery is next… who’s next on Napa Vale podcast by interacting conmigo live on your favorite of social media.  Let's Stay Connected! 

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