Hey Bella!

I’m Wendy Barba, your Napa Vale girl

I am a passionate Latina, wine lover, adventurer and entrepreneur who is looking to inspire you and see you succeed! 


Napa Vale Girl

I am your Napa Vale girl. You will see me stroll down the streets of Wine Country con una sonrisa en mi cara, in high heels, wearing a bright fuchsia lipstick while dancing to some reggaetonsito.  I’m like a mini Sophia Vergara living in Napa Valley (minus the DD boobs and thick accent). Actually, I call it Napa ¡Vale! LOL.  I stick out like a sore thumb. How can I not with my bubbly Latina personality, high heels, and colorful ropa?

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in sunny Miami.

Life's destiny brought my hubby and I to live in Napa. Cada día estoy descubriendo la vida entre uno y otro vino. Porque para mi cada botella de vino es única y tiene una historia para contar, tal como tu.


I get this question a lot. "How did I end up so far from Miami in wine country?"

Les confieso. Yo no hago vino, pero me vine a Napa.  In a nutshell, I was in corporate America for way too long and got burned out.  I managed the Latin America market at GE Appliances.  I was traveling 75% of the time for 5 years. While I was a single gal it was fun to be up in the air, but then my prince charming stole my heart, mi greenie, mi amor, my partner in crime.

Meet my Hubby, Dr. Ryan Tigrett!

When we started dating I was still traveling non-stop.  One day on the plane I realized I was not enjoying the day-to-day living.  Things like going to the gym together, Netflix and chill on a Wine Wednesday night, cooking (correction he cooks I pour the vino 🍷), etc, etc.  You get the picture.  I decided to quit my job during the height of the recession.  I know I am cray cray.  Everyone thought I was.  My parents were in shock and afraid that I would be living at home again. Hahaha I did for a few months until my hubby adopted me.  I remember that day as it was yesterday.  Well, let me just tell you that I had a strong will to land a job with less travel and better salary.  I had so much faith and determination that I would get the right job.  After 704 applications (no lie), tons of interviews… two months later I was leading South Florida Supermarkets for Coca-Cola!

I learned so much while working at Coke but after a couple years I was just not feeling it. There was something in me that was just tired of meetings, rushing, solving issues, strategizing… I just wanted to live life at a slower pace and enjoy the little things in life that we take for granted.

This time that something new was moving out of sunny, hot, warm beach weather South Florida.  I know another crazy dream.  For over a year, my hubby and I had been looking for an opportunity to move out of Florida.  Never in a million years did I think we would end up in wine country.  It was December 2013, while visiting my brother in law that we were presented with the opportunity to move to Napa.  The stars just aligned this time.  Right after coming back from our Christmas vacation we were discussing plans to move.  My hubby had just been offered an amazing opportunity.  As for me, I would just shift industries. I mean I sold refrigerators, then Coke so it was about time I started selling a sexier product…fermented grapes that turn into the most exquisite grape juice, aka wine! 😉


Two U-Haul’s later and we were on our way to Napa Valley.  I couldn’t believe it.  It took a while to sink in, 3 years to be exact. LOL.  I mean I am Mayamera (someone of or from Miami) at heart.  I tell my hubby that the first time I moved to the US was when we moved to Napa.  It was quite a culture shock.  During those three years I put into action something that I was yearning to create for a very long time, a program to connect like-minded inspiring individuals with the sole purpose of helping others grow.  Voila! Napa Vale was born.

As you may already know, I am a huge planner.  I mean this idea has been in back of my head since 2010.  Like Marie Forleo says, sometimes “you don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going”.   2018 was the year I committed to get it going.


Others that have come to visit me asked me to start a wine country planning company. I mean I’ve planned over a dozen wine country vacations for our friends and family.  I joke that we run a bed and breakfast.

Then one day as we are wine tasting, I am thinking, why don’t I blend these ideas— wine, wine country living and showcasing inspiring stories, with the sole purpose of motivating my girlies to discover their passion.  Napa Vale it is!

I am extremely thrilled to share this vivacious valley with you and introduce you to those people that I’ve come across that have believed in me and helped me grow.

I am a living proof that if you think positive, follow your dreams and are persistent, you will attract the life you want and cosas grandes will happen!  Sigue soñando Belleza.  I am here to remind you how fabulous you are and to help you grow.  To see you succeed would be the biggest reward I could have.  Vive tu vida as it was your last day. ¡Vale!

Napa Vale Welcome Napa Valley Sign 1

Join me in the adventure and get a taste of Napa. ¡Vale!
Cheers to life 🥂,

un beso...

¡Descubre, saborea y brinda!

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