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Send me your ideas Bella!


Gotta a question or suggestion related to wine country living that you’re craving to know?  Or do you just want to give me ideas on what the next Napa Vale’s blog or podcast show should cover?  Don’t be shy Bella!  I am all ears.


Please know the best way to contact me is to write me at info@napavale.com.  Porfis. Give me 72 hours to respond as I am the only one on this end bringing wine country magic to you.  Just remember to let me know on the email subject line what it’s in reference to.


Now, if you’d like get some vino tips or have a question in regards to wine country living that you’d like for me to cover on our next show; fill out the form.  ¡Vale!


Recuerda. Napa Vale’s mission is to create a fun place to learn about wine, while showcasing compelling stories of wine country living and what makes Napa Valley unique.


I’d love to connect contigo!


The best places to connect with me are in the comments section of my podcast, blog post or Facebook.  I frequent that thru the day as well as Instagram.  Ahem.. well more Instagram.  I just looveee Instagram. Instagram stories is where I get to share with you my day in wine country.  That’s probably where you get to see my true colors…LOL Pinterest is my dreaming space.  I started Pinteresting when I was planning my wedding (like many gorgeous brides-to-be out there).  Then I got into it more as I wanted to discover hidden gems while traveling.  So that’s where I get Dreamy.  Join me in your favorite social media.  ¡Vale!


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