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The Napa Vale Podcast
The Napa Vale Podcast
Wendy Barba

Welcome to The Napa Vale Podcast Belleza! Your destination for entrepreneurs, trailblazers and business-savvy individuals looking to master marketing, branding, and business strategies. Join your host, Wendy Barba, as she dives deep into the world of business excellence. Wendy is a dynamic, goal-oriented, sales driven, marketing strategist with over two decades of experience growing Fortune 100 companies. Grab your favorite vinito (or tea) and uncover the secrets of success with insightful interviews featuring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts in marketing, branding, and business innovation. Wendy, a Latina from Caracas Venezuela, mom of two IVFs babies, entrepreneur, adds her unique touch with a sprinkle of Spanglish, making each episode both informative and culturally rich. Gain invaluable tips and strategies to elevate your business acumen, as we explore the art of entrepreneurship and female empowerment? From marketing insights to growth strategies, The Napa Vale Pod

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