6 Napa Rosé Wines to Pour This Summer

Hey Belleza,

Summer is right around the corner.  Some of you may be feeling the hot summer weather already. Did you know that the first official summer day is June 21st? We’ve been having high 80s in Napa and so this is my cue to start stocking up with some Rosé for those hot summer days.  I wanted to share my favorite Napa Rosé Wines to keep you hydrated and get you tipsy! 

Plus, who doesn’t love Rosé All Day!


1. Checkerboard Vineyards Rosé is to Die, No Lie!

During a summer afternoon, all I crave is pool or beach time, sun bathing and a chilled rose by my side. Oh and of course some Mr. Worldwide. This puts a huge smile on my face, plus I get some me time.

Checkerboard Vineyards Rosé is absolutely mouthwatering. On the nose oaky and on the palate super subtle notes of honeysuckle. And in minutes I am in Rosé heaven. My brother-in-law who loves to also spend time by the pool and Rosé all Day introduced me to Checkerboard Vineyards Rosé.

6 Napa Rosé Wines to Pour This Summer. Checkerboard Vineyards Rosé is absolutely mouthwatering.

2. Frozé All Day… and Even More When You Have The Magical View of Ventana Big Sur.

One trip I wanted to take ever since we moved to Napa was glamping. Last summer we decided to splurge on some glamping time at Ventana Big Sur. The panoramic view above the clouds from the Ventana Big Sur pool is just breathtaking. We were lucky enough to experience sunny hot weather during the day and cool clear nights.


During the day we were craving something chilled and this was my first introduction to Frozé. At that moment I felt like I had just discovered the best invention ever! It was Frozé all day while getting some Big Sur sun.

3. Let’s Not Forget Our Sparkling Schramsberg Rosé!

Have you heard of Schramsberg? I didn’t know about Schramsberg until we moved to Napa. One of our first weekends as Napa locals we decided to book the wine tasting and cave tour at Schramsberg. One of our besties suggested we go there and warned my hubby that once I discovered this gem I would forever be hooked. He was 100% right. On our first visit we became club members.  The best perk as a club member is complimentary tastings.  Since then I’ve taken family and friends to the Schramsberg cave tour about 18 times! That’s right, No lie. And every time I go I learn something new. Meet Schramsberg Brut Rosé.


🌹 “The 2010 J. Schram Rosé immediately pleases with its copper tinged, pale salmon color. It opens with aromas of raspberry and glazed orange, balanced by aspects of strawberry shortcake, vanilla bean, jasmine and almond paste. On the palate, tantalizing layers of lemon curd, cherry pie and crème brûlée add additional complexity. Rich, fruitful and closing with a long, bright finish, this wine is truly a feast for the senses.” —Winemakers Sean Thompson and Hugh Davies

🌹2010 J Schram Rosé (photo above) has 78% Chardonnay and 22% Pinot Noir, age for 7.5 years before it is released.

🌹 Aging Blanc de Blanc takes about 3 yrs to age before its release, whereas J Schram Rosé takes 7 years to age. Can you believe it? The perks of being a club member is getting this on your shipment before everyone else does.

🌹 2016 Schramsberg Brut Rosé has 64% Pinot Noir and 36% Chardonnay. Strawberry and orange zest are the aromas you will immediately pick up.

🌹 The 2014 Schramsberg Rosé will be released in 2022.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to making wine and even more when it’s delicious sparkling fine wine like Schramsberg Brut Rosé. I can’t wait for our next wine club shipment!!!

5. Rosé, Popcorn, Netflix & Chill

My go-to Rosé is JCB Nº 5. Did you know I am a wine ambassador at Boisset Collection? This is how my story with Boisset Collection began. I met charming Jean-Charles Boisset (aka JCB), French vintner and proprietor of the Boisset Collection on my first Halloween party in Napa. He throws the most fun Halloween parties. Three years later I interviewed JCB for a vlog about Finding Your Uniqueness and how he has inspired many women to start their own wine business. Right after my interview about how the Boisset Ambassador program got started I decided to become a wine ambassador for Boisset Collection, representing exceptional wines from Napa, Sonoma, France, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa. 

🌹What I love the most about this Rosé is that it’s a French Rosé from the Provence region in the south of France.

🌹This JCB Nº 5 Rosé has 48% Syrah, 33%, Cinsault and 18% Grenache.

🌹These three varietals are a perfect combo, giving it subtle hints of berries and perfect to pair with popcorn or a garden salad on a hot summer day.  

🌹JCB named it Nº 5 because it reminds him of his sister, Nathalie as Nº 5 is her favorite number.

If your palate is watering and you are craving to taste some JCB Nº 5 Rosé, you can purchase your Rosé straight out of my Boisset Collection, click here to shop.

6. In the Name of National Rosé Day, Meet Le Artishasic

I came across Le Artishasic just in time to celebrate National Rosé Day. This was another Rosé my brother in law introduced me to. Gosh he sure knows how to spoil me!  I was very curious to taste this Rosé.  It came at a perfect time to pop the cork on National Rosé Day while visiting our friends and family in sunny South Florida. Best of all I got to share this with my BFFs. It’s true when they say every wine has a story to tell and this is mine with Artishasic Rosé!


🌹I love the royal feeling of Le Artishasic label.

🌹 First time tasting 100% Tempranillo Rosé Wine.

🌹 The 2017 Le Artishasic Rosé will make you go gaga. We paired this full bodied Rosé with the famous artisan organic Cowgirl Creamery cheese from Point Reyes Station, CA and it paired amazingly.

Mis Bellas Rosé Lovers,

I wrote this post thanks to you again and all the love I received on my IG stories during National Rosé day. I had no idea how much I loved Rosé until that day. 😂 This was an impromptu blog post. Big thanks to my mentor, bestie and foodie mom, Enriqueta Lemoine. She was watching my IG stories with recommendations for National Rosé Day and was quickly encouraging me to write a blog on my favorite Napa Rosé. And Voilà! The 6 Napa Rosé Wines to Pour this Summer blog is yours so you can splurge on your next Napa Rosé.


Join me and let’s raise a glass in the name of Rosé All Day. Cheers to many more Rosé times and building more memories with your besties.

Belleza, it’s your turn. What is your favorite Rosé to pour during the Summer? Cuentamelo. Are you a Rosé lover like moi? Share your Rosé wine moments on the comments for other Rosé or Frozé lovers out there. ¡Vale!

Let’s Get Tipsy The Rosé Way

Recuerda. Life is way too short.

¡Descubre, saborea y brinda!

Un beso enorme,

P.S.   There are many more exquisite Rosé out there but that will be for another blog post as I have many exciting things coming your way!

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4 years ago

Wendy as always you are awesome, thank you, from now on we will celebrate Wine Rosé day on hot summer days!

4 years ago
Reply to  Aidee

Let us know when your opening some bottles and we can help you out!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Aidee

Of course! And you already have it in stock the JCB Nº 5. 🙂 Happy Summer

4 years ago

I love the ideas. There’s nothing like a chilled Rose by the pool!! One of the best parts of summer. The J Schram Rose is one of my all time favorites served with anything!! Keep the tips coming 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Ryan

Let’s Rose all day!

4 years ago

I was right! Great post, great stories and great wines! Live it Wendy Wine!

4 years ago
Reply to  Enri

Gracias mi Enri. It was thanks to you encouraging me to write about it.

Valentina Izarra
4 years ago

My mouth is watering now for these rosés, Wendy. Thanks for the recommendations. Your wine 🍷 tips are always on point 💕

4 years ago

Thanks girly! We need to Rosé all day next time we visit Miami for a perfect boat day 🙂

4 years ago

Oh en casa el rosado gusta mucho. Comentare a mi marido esta propuesta tuya y la miramos. Gracias por toda la información. Enhorabuena. Besos Elisa

4 years ago
Reply to  Ideasandcreams

Siii! Muéstraselo a tu hubby. It’s a perfect summer date night wine.

4 years ago

Hi, Wendy! I love Rosé. I want to try them’all! Thanks for this enlightening post.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ana

Claro que si mi Ana bella. Nada como un buen rosadito.

4 years ago

Si he probado el rosé y me gusta mucho, aunque no tengo ninguna recomendación pero me gustaron las tuyas.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blanca DD

Gracias Blanquita. Si llegas a probar alguno de estos rosé este verano me avisas.

4 years ago

Rosé is one of my faves!! But of course a would love to Frozé all day while getting some Big Sur sun, just like you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Silvia

Big Sur air, sun and sunsets are just breathtaking. Every time I look at that photo I wish I was back in the pool with my frozé .

4 years ago

Dear Wendy, thanks for your very compelling description of your preferred Roses. I’m in, and I will definitely experience your recommendations, especially the JCB #5 Rose and Le Artishasic Rose.
Cheers 🥂

4 years ago
Reply to  Doug

Gracias Doug! I am making that happen. So that you and the family can enjoy those two Rosé wines in sunny gorgeous SFL. Cheers to Rosé all day!

4 years ago

*****Hola Wendy, gracias por tus recomendaciones. Me encanta el vino rosado, sobre todo para una tarde conversando con amigas. Muchos saludos desde Venezuela

4 years ago
Reply to  Melba

Esos vinitos cuando lo compartimos con amigos es lo máximo. Nada como disfrutar esos momentos tan especiales.

4 years ago

You always have the BEST wine recommendations! Loved Le Artishasic! Perfect for summer or any other day of the year 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Christina

Awww 🥰 thanks girly. We need to do a repeat. Love our rosé night and all
the amazing conversations we had. 😂

4 years ago

Maravilloso post! Me encantan las fotos y tus recomendaciones!

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