As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.

Hey Belleza,

Being a mom has taught me so much about myself. Just when I thought I got it, here comes Motherhood. No one ever trains us to be a mom. I will share what I have learned, what has worked for me, my IVF journey, postpartum while having a full-time business. Yeap! In addition to Napa Vale I also manage my husband endodontic practice, Modern Endo of Napa. 


Just like my girlies have said to me, the day your baby is born, a mom is also born. You will learn as you go. Be patient with yourself. Your baby has the right mom for him. And it’s soooo true!  


I want to make it an easy read for you gorgeous mama. I know how valuable our time is, this will be short and sweet blog post while keeping it real.


Love you mama,


P.S. be kind to yourself. ¡Vale!

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